Howto configure the Linux kernel / drivers / s390 / block


"S/390 block device drivers"

    • depends on ARCH_S390

  • Option: BLK_DEV_XPRAM
    • Kernel Versions: ...
    • (on/off/module) XPRAM disk support
    • depends on ARCH_S390
      Select this option if you want to use your expanded storage on S/390 or zSeries as a disk. This is useful as a _fast_ swap device if you want to access more than 2G of memory when running in 31 bit mode. This option is also available as a module which will be called xpram. If unsure, say "N".

  • Option: DCSSBLK
    • Kernel Versions: ...
    • (on/off/module) DCSSBLK support
      Support for dcss block device

  • Option: DASD
    • Kernel Versions: ...
    • (on/off/module) Support for DASD devices
    • depends on CCW
      Enable this option if you want to access DASDs directly utilizing S/390s channel subsystem commands. This is necessary for running natively on a single image or an LPAR.

  • Option: DASD_PROFILE
    • Kernel Versions: ...
    • (on/off) Profiling support for dasd devices
    • depends on DASD
      Enable this option if you want to see profiling information in /proc/dasd/statistics.

  • Option: DASD_ECKD
    • Kernel Versions: ...
    • (on/off/module) Support for ECKD Disks
    • depends on DASD
      ECKD devices are the most commonly used devices. You should enable this option unless you are very sure to have no ECKD device.

  • Option: DASD_FBA
    • Kernel Versions: ...
    • (on/off/module) Support for FBA Disks
    • depends on DASD
      Select this option to be able to access FBA devices. It is safe to say "Y".

  • Option: DASD_DIAG
    • Kernel Versions: ...
    • (on/off/module) Support for DIAG access to Disks
    • depends on DASD && ( ARCH_S390X = 'n' || EXPERIMENTAL)
      Select this option if you want to use Diagnose250 command to access Disks under VM. If you are not running under VM or unsure what it is, say "N".

  • Option: DASD_CMB
    • Kernel Versions: ...
    • (on/off/module) Compatibility interface for DASD channel measurement blocks
    • depends on DASD
      This driver provides an additional interface to the channel measurement facility, which is normally accessed though sysfs, with a set of ioctl functions specific to the dasd driver. This is only needed if you want to use applications written for linux-2.4 dasd channel measurement facility interface.

Linux Kernel Configuration

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