Howto configure the Linux kernel / drivers / media / dvb

Multimedia device configuration

Digital Video Broadcasting DevicesEdit

  • Option: DVB
    • Kernel Versions: ...
    • (on/off) DVB For Linux
    • depends on NET && INET
      Support Digital Video Broadcasting hardware. Enable this if you own a DVB adapter and want to use it or if you compile Linux for a digital SetTopBox.
      API specs and user tools are available from <>.
      Please report problems regarding this driver to the LinuxDVB mailing list.
      If unsure say N.

"Supported SAA7146 based PCI Adapters"

    • depends on DVB_CORE && PCI

"Supported USB Adapters"

    • depends on DVB_CORE && USB

"Supported FlexCopII (B2C2) Adapters"

    • depends on DVB_CORE && (PCI || USB)

"Supported BT878 Adapters"

    • depends on DVB_CORE && PCI

"Supported Pluto2 Adapters"

    • depends on DVB_CORE && PCI

"Supported DVB Frontends"

    • depends on DVB_CORE

Linux Kernel Configuration

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