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How to configure the Linux kernel/drivers/isdn/capi

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Howto configure the Linux kernel / drivers / isdn / capi for the CAPI subsystem

    • Kernel Versions: ...
    • (on/off) Verbose reason code reporting (kernel size +=7K)
    • depends on ISDN_CAPI
      If you say Y here, the AVM B1 driver will give verbose reasons for disconnecting. This will increase the size of the kernel by 7 KB. If unsure, say Y.

    • Kernel Versions: ...
    • (on/off) CAPI2.0 Middleware support (EXPERIMENTAL)
    • depends on ISDN_CAPI && EXPERIMENTAL
      This option will enhance the capabilities of the /dev/capi20 interface. It will provide a means of moving a data connection, established via the usual /dev/capi20 interface to a special tty device. If you want to use pppd with pppdcapiplugin to dial up to your ISP, say Y here.

  • Option: ISDN_CAPI_CAPI20
    • Kernel Versions: ...
    • (on/off/module) CAPI2.0 /dev/capi support
    • depends on ISDN_CAPI
      This option will provide the CAPI 2.0 interface to userspace applications via /dev/capi20. Applications should use the standardized libcapi20 to access this functionality. You should say Y/M here.

    • Kernel Versions: ...
    • (on/off) CAPI2.0 filesystem support

    • Kernel Versions: ...
    • (on/off/module)
    • depends on ISDN_CAPI_CAPIFS_BOOL
    • default ISDN_CAPI_CAPI20
      This option provides a special file system, similar to /dev/pts with device nodes for the special ttys established by using the middleware extension above. If you want to use pppd with pppdcapiplugin to dial up to your ISP, say Y here.

    • Kernel Versions: ...
    • (on/off/module) CAPI2.0 capidrv interface support
    • depends on ISDN_CAPI && ISDN_I4L
      This option provides the glue code to hook up CAPI driven cards to the legacy isdn4linux link layer. If you have a card which is supported by a CAPI driver, but still want to use old features like ippp interfaces or ttyI emulation, say Y/M here.

Linux Kernel Configuration

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