Howto configure the Linux kernel / arch / powerpc / platforms / pseries

  • Option: PPC_SPLPAR
    • Kernel Versions: ...
    • depends on PPC_PSERIES
    • (on/off) Support for shared-processor logical partitions
    • default n
      Enabling this option will make the kernel run more efficiently on logically-partitioned pSeries systems which use shared processors, that is, which share physical processors between two or more partitions.

  • Option: HMT
    • Kernel Versions: ...
    • (on/off) Hardware multithreading
    • depends on SMP && PPC_PSERIES && BROKEN
      This option enables hardware multithreading on RS64 cpus. pSeries systems p620 and p660 have such a cpu type.

  • Option: EEH
    • Kernel Versions: ...
    • (on/off) PCI Extended Error Handling (EEH) if EMBEDDED
    • depends on PPC_PSERIES
    • default y if !EMBEDDED

  • Option: SCANLOG
    • Kernel Versions: ...
    • (on/off/module) Scanlog dump interface
    • depends on RTAS_PROC && PPC_PSERIES

  • Option: LPARCFG
    • Kernel Versions: ...
    • (on/off/module) LPAR Configuration Data
    • depends on PPC_PSERIES || PPC_ISERIES

system capacity information via human readable <key word>=<value> pairs through a /proc/ppc64/lparcfg interface.

Linux Kernel Configuration

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