Howto configure the Linux kernel / net / bluetooth

Bluetooth subsystem supportEdit

Bluetooth subsystem configuration


    • depends on NET
    • (on/off/module) Bluetooth subsystem support
      Bluetooth is a low-cost, low-power, short-range wireless technology. It was designed as a replacement for cables and other short-range technologies like IrDA. Bluetooth operates in personal area range that typically extends up to 10 meters. More information about Bluetooth can be found at <>.
      Linux Bluetooth subsystem consist of several layers: Bluetooth Core (HCI device and connection manager, scheduler) HCI Device drivers (Interface to the hardware) SCO Module (SCO audio links) L2CAP Module (Logical Link Control and Adaptation Protocol) RFCOMM Module (RFCOMM Protocol) BNEP Module (Bluetooth Network Encapsulation Protocol) CMTP Module (CAPI Message Transport Protocol) HIDP Module (Human Interface Device Protocol)
      Say Y here to compile Bluetooth support into the kernel or say M to compile it as module (bluetooth).
      To use Linux Bluetooth subsystem, you will need several user-space utilities like hciconfig and hcid. These utilities and updates to Bluetooth kernel modules are provided in the BlueZ packages. For more information, see <>.

  • Option: BT_L2CAP
    • Kernel Versions: ...
    • (on/off/module) L2CAP protocol support
    • depends on BT
      L2CAP (Logical Link Control and Adaptation Protocol) provides connection oriented and connection-less data transport. L2CAP support is required for most Bluetooth applications.
      Say Y here to compile L2CAP support into the kernel or say M to compile it as module (l2cap).

  • Option: BT_SCO
    • Kernel Versions: ...
    • (on/off/module) SCO links support
    • depends on BT
      SCO link provides voice transport over Bluetooth. SCO support is required for voice applications like Headset and Audio.
      Say Y here to compile SCO support into the kernel or say M to compile it as module (sco).

Linux Kernel Configuration

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