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This howto is not for configuring mplayer's installation, its for configuring MPlayer's operation

MPlayer is a highly configurable video player. You can configure default settings, keyboard/mouse bindings.

Configuration filesEdit

  • Global
    • /etc/mplayer/mplayer.conf
  • Local
    • ~/.mplayer/config
    • ~/.mplayer/input.conf
    • ~/.mplayer/menu.conf


Configuration will set the default settings when MPlayer loads.

  • Config file
    • ~/.mplayer/config

Configuration format is one command per line, and # for comments

  • Config
  • Example
    • vo="xv"

Input Keyboard/joystick/mouse/LIRC bindingsEdit

Bindings for the keyboard, mouse, and joystick are set in input.conf, and can be placed in ~/.mplayer/input.conf. LIRC is configured in the standard ~/.lircrc. The format of the config file is one binding per line, and # are comments.

  • Format
    • KEY<space>COMMAND<space>PARAMETER
    • Example: RIGHT seek +10
  • Keys/Inputs
    • For a full key list
    • Keyboard
      • all normal keys are used normally
        • Example 'm' is m
      • Special Characters: RIGHT, LEFT, UP, DOWN, PGUP, PGDWN, ESC, ENTER, SPACE, HOME, END, INS, DEL, F1-F12
      • Backspace: BS
      • Keypad
        • With num-lock ON
          • KP0-KP9, KP_DEL, KP_ENTER
        • With num-lock OFF
          • KP1-FP9, KP_INS, KP_DEL, KP_ENTER
        • (+ - / *) are the same as the other part of keyboard
    • Joystick
    • Mouse
      • Left click: MOUSE_BTN0
      • Middle click: MOUSE_BTN1
      • Right click: MOUSE_BTN2
      • Double click
        • Left double click: MOUSE_BTN0_DBL


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