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How to change screen resolution while in X-Windows

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xrandr can change display orientation, resolution and various other screen settings in X-Windows.

  • To see avalable options set in /etc/X11/xorg.conf
    • Execute: xrandr --verbose
    • output:
 SZ:    Pixels          Physical       Refresh
*0   1024 x 768    ( 347mm x 260mm )  *85  
 1    800 x 600    ( 347mm x 260mm )   85  
Current rotation - normal
Current reflection - none
Rotations possible - normal 
Reflections possible - none
Setting size to 0, rotation to normal
Setting reflection on neither axis
  • To change the display resolution to 800x600
    • Execute: xrandr -s 800x600
  • An alternative way to change settings it to use the number presented by xrandr --verbose
    • Example: xrandr -s 0
    • For: *0 1024 x 768 ( 347mm x 260mm ) *85

other common display resolutions are

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