Aliases of commands are used to make life easier by shortening commands the user uses often, and becomes tedious to type the entire command


to create an alias

  • for csh,tcsh: alias ls ls -a
  • for ksh: alias -x ls="ls -a"
  • for ksh: alias ls="ls -a"

to view an alias

  • execute: alias Alias_Name

to remove an alias

  • execute: unalias Alias_Name

to make an alias permanent put in your shells startup script i.e. ~/.bashrc ~/.bash_profile ~/.profile

See: Howto configure bash startup scripts


  • alias mntcd='mount /mnt/cdrom'
  • alias unntcd='umount /mnt/cdrom;eject /mnt/cdrom'
  • alias shut='/sbin/shutdown -hP 1'
  • alias fmplayer='mplayer -fs'
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