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Bash script to be used with Conky. The script displays a simple RSS feed. It requires curl

 # RSS Feed Display Script by Hellf[i]re v0.1
# This script is designed for most any RSS Feed. As some feeds may not be
# completely compliant, it may need a bit of tweaking
# This script depends on curl.
# Gentoo: emerge -av net-misc/curl
# Debian: apt-get install curl
# Homepage:
# Usage:
# .conkyrc: ${execi [time] /path/to/script/}
# Usage Example
# ${execi 300 /home/youruser/scripts/}

#RSS Setup
URI=,4313,1,00.rss #URI of RSS Feed
LINES=6 #Number of headlines

#Environment Setup
EXEC="/usr/bin/curl -s" #Path to curl

#Work Start
$EXEC $URI | grep title |\
sed -e :a -e 's/<[^>]*>//g;/</N' |\
sed -e 's/[ \t]*//' |\
sed -e 's/\(.*\)/ \1/' |\
sed -e 's/\.//' |\
sed -e 's/\"//' |\
sed -e 's/\"//' |\
head -n $(($LINES + 2)) |\
tail -n $(($LINES))


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