How many times have you said that you are going to start a story but you never do? is this because you don't know how to or you are just to fat and lazy to get of the lounge? well this is the page for you, I am going to tell you how to write a story that your family like and will one day be turned into a movie:

Name: Name of the story will help you get the idea, for this reason I start with a name

Idea: get an idea and stick with it, also make sure it is your Idea, copyrighting is against the law

character: Get the character and what they look like, draw pictures and write a profile

Who when what where why: Who is your character, When is the story set, What does your character Want, where is the story set, why does the character want the what.

Villain: Every story needs a villain, weather it is a flu or an evil person a villain is the bad thing that tries to stop the main character from getting what they want.

Finish the story: Even if you think it is a bad idea, keep on going, a painting doesn't look good half done, you need to finish it to know.

get someone to cheack your work before you publish your book, this person needs to be a better speller then you, fix up spelling mistakes/

Never hurts to get someone elese to cheack your work, just incase


Hope you get what you want from this. :)

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