Alright, I know what you're thinking. "Oh great, another scam to get us to download something." Or, "If I do this, I'm gonna need to do a survey or an offer." WRONG! Hotspot Shield works, no password, survey or offer!Edit

How to download:Edit

Step 1: Go to any Search Engine (Bing, Google, etc.)Edit

Step 2: Type in "AllMyApps".Edit

Step 3: Go to allmyapps.comEdit

Step 4: Type in "Hotspot Shield".Edit

Step 5: Click Download.Edit

It downloads AllMyApps.Edit

Step 6: Click AllMyApps App on your desktop.Edit

Step 7: Repeat Step 4.Edit

Step 8: Click install.Edit

Now, wait until it's done and go to the search bar on the Start Menu, Type in Hotspot Shield, Cick it and press Protect! Edit


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