Creating a screenshot in Windows is very simple, as long as you know how, so here is two different ways to do it based on the version of Windows you're using. 

The most common way of grabbing the screen image is by using the "print screen" button. This can be labeled differently depending on the keyboard. It can be labeled Print Scrn, Prnt Scrn or Pr Sc among other variations. 

  1. The first thing you want to do is to have the content that you want to capture on your screen.
  2. Simply hit the Print Screen button and your image will be saved. On laptops you may have to hit the function key along with the Print Screen button. 
  3. Now what? This is where things can get tricky because when you hit the button, nothing will happen. What you need to do next is open up Microsoft Paint and paste the image into there.
  4. Locate the Paint program by going to the start menu and then click on accessories and then open Paint. 
  5. From here you can either right click and paste the screenshot there or hit the keyboard combination of ctrl-v or in the edit menu click on paste. You can then edit it and save it to your computer.
  6. An anternative method is by using the Snipping tool availible in Windows Vista and later versions. You can simply find it in the start menu, click on it, and then highlight what you want to save from your current screen.
  7. After you've highlighted the content that you want to save a dialog box will pop up and you can edit it and save it to your computer.

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