How long have you been playing Apples to Apples? Is it too hard, too easy, or you just want a twist?


  • Get at least 5 players and an Apples to Apples game. You will have to know how to play regular Apples to Apples.
  • Give everyone six red cards.
  • Two judges will put down 3 green cards face up. The judges rotate.
  • Each person puts down 2 red cards on each green card face down.
  • The judges will also put down 1 card on each green card that he thinks best matches it. These are named Ultimate Red Cards.
  • If you put a red card down, get more until you have six again.
  • The judges will pick 3 cards from each deck that best match the green card.
  • If you put down the card that the judges pick, you get the card and a point.
  • If two of the cards that the judge picked are both yours, the judge gives you another green card. These are Ultimate Green Cards.
  • When you think you played enough, count your points. Red cards are worth 1 point, green cards are worth 10 points, Ultimate Red Cards are worth 50 points, and Ultimate Green Cards are worth 100 points.
  • The person with the highest amount of points wins.


  • If you are a judge, don't try to pick yourself. Always give the card to the same player each time and they will give you a card when they are the judge.

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