Well, jolly bello, chaps. Let's get right down to work.

Why Mark as a Stub?Edit

Well, on this wiki, there are lots of annoying articles out there that have literally no content, completely too short, etc. Face it, these articles need to be fixed up. Marking it as a Stub is one way to do this, to say, "Hey, this article is too short!"

How to mark itEdit

So take this symbol:


Place it in twice, at the top of the article.


Then type in Stub.


Finish it off with two of the same symbol but in the opposite direction.


Try it out on some random annoyingly short and incomplete page. It should work. Bye guys.

Yet another article made by Minecraftproman1266, the boss and a good guy to ask when it comes to Wikia technical junk.

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