Looking for a low cost or even a no cost solution to your armadillo problem? You may want to try one of these homemade remedies.

Research has shown that a variety of ingredients that you may have around your home can work to rid your lawn of these pesky critters.


Remedy One:

   * Ingredients: Castor Oil and Liquid Dish Detergent
   * Procedure: In a garden hose sprayer mix: 
   * 16 ounces Castor Oil* with
   * 4 ounces of Liquid Dish Detergent.
   * Fill to the top of the container with tap water and
   * Mix thoroughly.
   * Application: Spray the entire content over approximately 3000 square feet area.
   * Caution! Castor oil will stain your clothes.
  • Must use Industrial grade Castor Oil. Hydrogenated Castor Oil has shown ineffective.


For more of these home remedies, please visit and click on the 'Home Remedies' tab.

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