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Mega Man 1Edit

Cut ManEdit

Cut Man is basically a kung fu maniac with scissors, so dodge the cutters by jumping in the gap between Cut Man and the cutter. Then, just shoot him. Repeat.

Weakness: Super Arm (Guts Man)

Guts ManEdit

Guts Man is a fat dude that makes an earthquake and throw a rock at you. So, you have to jump precisely to avoid the earthquake, and to not embarrass yourself by falling on your posterior. Then, dodge the Rock with a "c" shape. Shoot him when he jumps.

Weakness: Hyper Bomb (Bomb Man)

Ice ManEdit

Ice Man has a fairly easy pattern, but the pattern is very hard to dodge. He jumps, shoots 3 Ice Slashers in 3 different heights.Jump through the first barrier, then through the next one. Shoot him while doing this.

Weakness: Thunder Beam (Elec Man)

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