You've seen them on TV, you've seen them in real life, and you want to know how to be like them. Here is your answer.

Punting a football is easier than you think.

1: How To PrepareEdit

Do the touch-your-toes exercises for 30 reps.

2: How To Hold The FootballEdit

Clutch the football in your right hand, if you're left handed, in you left hand. Hold it so your middle finger is in line with the laces.

3: ProcedureEdit

Hold the football as shown in step 2. Then, slowly walk forward. Throw the ball a few inches ahead of your foot, throw your left (or right) hand backwards a bit, then walk into the ball, and kick. Don't just kick it as hard as you can. Try and hit the football. Once you've gotten the hang of that, kick a little bit harder. Also, after your foot comes in contact with the ball, follow through with the kick and lift your leg up quite a bit, like you see on TV.

Congratulations! You can punt a football!

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