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The HowTo project - formerly "Wikisolutions"

A wiki-based open and free vendor-independent solutions provider.

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Software, Online Communities, Online Services

Civil and Society

Civil Rights, Public Services


Management Of People, Management Of Money


Maths, Physics, Chemistry

You come here each time you have no idea or when you do have a great idea about a very particular subject to share with others. When you come to this site you will not find epistemology (that was the original how-to, before Wikisolutions took over and relaunched it). What you will find is some sort of how-tos, with particular and precise writing-rules and guidelines. So, this is perfect for people interested in free and open knowledge management for the information age.

Finally, this may also produce real value, like Wikipedia already does. As said best by Alvin Toffler in the late 60's (1969): information can substitute most of the material resources and becomes the main material for workers. As a result, information is the center of the creation of value and power, like capital/money were for a few years during the industrial age and like land and submission/slavery were for many more years in the agrarian age.

As of this point, the project has ~219 HowTos, 403 pages including all. Most of the work is related to [Free] Software for now.

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Presentation, Description, Guidelines

About guidelines, About HowTo pages, Naming conventions, Templates


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