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This is a list of contributors to HowTo.

Veteran contributors Edit

You can contact these people if you want to know more about origins of the project, or to submit new ideas related to the project itself, not to a particular page.

This lists important contributors (contributors that are contributing to the project since at least a half of the total time the project was online - for example, in January 2006 for more than 6 months, in January 2007 for more than 12 months, etc...).

  • Moa3333 - I hope many people get involved; based on feedback, I am open to suggestions. You can also say you don't like the idea, but whatever you like it or not, i am interested in comments. (to make comments about the main page, use its discussion page)
  • Inyuki - Well, I like the general idea.

Other top contributors Edit

You can contact these people to give you a hint or some help on your page. But try or a site search first.

If you have a problem or want to ask anything, these are some of the main contributors, depending on where they contribute. This list includes only important and active contributors (let's say, the first 20% of registered contributors regarding the number of contributions - see WikiStats) - to any part of HowTo. (please specify what is your contribution)

Mathematics Edit

Computing Edit

Normal contributors Edit

Most contributors should register here only if they want other people to contact them about a subject related to HowTo.

Any other contributors, with no special status (less than 100 edits): (please specify what is your contribution)

Lists of contributorsEdit