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This page is only kept for historical reference

The original idea of the HowTo was to be a site providing public information on how to engineer things in natural environment from scratch, based on the idea on

A site providing public information on how to engineer things in natural environment from scratch

Humans were able to create cars, planes, computers, rockets, sattelites etc. By doing so, they proved that all these things and more CAN be made only using human power, without any special instruments at the beginning. This suggests an idea that with sufficient amount of time, it would be possible to create all these things using "bare hands" of a human beings. However many of the beings nowadays wouldn't have an idea how to engineer, for example, a computer, if they were asked to do it in the natural environment.

The idea is to create a website, which did provid such information.

Just like we have free software, we may have free technologies, which would help the developing world.

Finaly this may also produce real value, like Wikipedia already does. As said best by Alvin Toffler in late 60's (1969): information can substitute most of the material resources and becomes the main material for workers. As a result, information is the center of the creation of value and power, like capital/money were for a few years during the industrial age and like slavery/submission were for many more years (before the industrial age).

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