Storing carrots in this manner keeps them crisp for two weeks; it prevents them from going rubbery and brown.

See: Howto store carrots so they stay crisp longer

Materials & tools needed Edit

Quick steps Edit

  1. Wash the carrots.
  2. Scape outer layer off with knife.
  3. Put fresh carrots in juicer.
  4. Catch liquid in bowl or cup.
  5. Add celery to make it taste better.
  6. Drink immediately or store in refrigerator (less than a week lifespan)
  7. Carrot pulp may be used in a carrot cake mix or thrown in compost heap.

Full steps Edit

Some details may vary according to machine. The Acme device will have an ejector of pulp. Other juicers have to be stopped and pulp extracted and cleaned when full. Also note that scrapped carrots will turn brown after a while. The older the juice is will also change browner from the carrot natural color. Some over avid fans of carrot juice have been known to retain the carotene and their skin color develops a carrot tint.

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