See *electronic and computer units of measurement for the basic units like Volt or Byte

Basic Computer AcronymsEdit


Acronym Definition Description
ADSL Asynchronous digital subscriber line DSL with different upload and download speeds
IM instant messenge
AOL America on-line internet service provider
DSL Digital subscriber line type of connection to internet
ISP internet service provider provider of connection to internet
http hyper text transfer protocol web pages servers
html hyper text markup language webpage code
LAN Local area network networking
www World Wide Web The internet
ftp file transfer protocol file server
IP internet protocol usually ip address

for address of a computer

POP Post office protocol email
IMAP Internet Message Access Protocol email
PPP point to point protocol internet connection
VoIP Voice over IP telephone over internet


Acronym Definition Description
CPU Computer processor unit
RAM Random Access memory memory
ROM read only memory memory
USB Universal serial bus device connection


Acronym Definition Description
MS Microsoft
OS operating system
win32 32bit Microsoft Windows
AV Anti-virus
AIM AOL instant messenger instant message program
IE Internet Explorer Microsoft

Basic Electrical AcronymsEdit

Acronym Definition Description
A Ampere current
V Volt Voltage
I current
AC Alternating current +/- Sine wave Voltage/current
DC Direct current contant voltage
C Capcitor charge storage
L inductor
R resistor
RF radio frequency

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