This is an incomplete list of status files created by the Linux kernel, Linux Distributions, and various Linux applications


/proc/ contains the status of just about everything going on with your system, but the files are often hard to read


  • /proc/version - kernel version
  • /proc/modules - loaded kernel modules


  • /proc/cpuinfo - CPU details and status
  • /proc/meminfo - memory, RAM, swap, etc.
  • /proc/devices - device files created by kernel in /dev/


  • /etc/mtab - list of mounted devices
  • /proc/partitions - list of partitions currently available for mounting
  • /proc/filesystems - partion types that can be mounted by your kernel
  • /proc/diskstats
  • /proc/mounts
  • /proc/swaps - swap partitions


Most logs are found in /var/log/

  • /var/log/messages - kernel and boot up log
  • /var/log/dmesg - kernel and boot up log
  • /var/log/Xorg.0.log - X Windows ( log

Distribution SpecificEdit


  • /var/log/emerge.log - log of packages being installed
  • /var/log/emerge-fetch.log- log of packages being downloaded
  • /var/lib/portage/world - list of packages install specifically by user
  • /var/lib/portage/config

See AlsoEdit

Guide to linux configurations and settings

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