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  • qalculate - very complete calculator using GTK

web publishing Edit

  • spip - in many languages (the main is French)
  • barnraiser - they have 3 different products

concept mappingEdit

graphics editorEdit

complex Edit

simple Edit

file managersEdit

Norton Commander-like Edit

Windows-Explorer-like Edit

lite and simple Edit

social networkEdit

for bookmarks/links Edit

  • scuttle - free software powered, in PHP
  • rubric - software not ready, in Perl
  • UNALOG - software more mature (still beta), in Python
  • frassle - powered by free software

other Edit

CMS free software related to e-commerce and e-shoppingEdit

image viewersEdit

forum softwareEdit

photo publishingEdit

3d editorsEdit


simple Edit

internal management Edit

team organisation Edit

project managament on the internet Edit

other mature / not clasified yet Edit

special?? Edit

Training Edit

blog CMS Edit

See AlsoEdit

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