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We try to list here the main Free Software package management systems.

The programs should natively compile/run on at least one distribution considered as Distributions enough free. The program should be Free Software and Open Source software (FOSS).

description Edit

  • What is the system based on for manipulating packages? (deb, rpm, tgz)
  • Is the system mature or experimental?
  • What is the original free distribution that implemented this system?
  • What is the main distribution today using this system?

Source based Edit

Binary also Edit

  • Advanced Packaging Tool, APT
    • It is used with .deb packages.
    • It is mature.
    • It was first implemented in Debian GNU/Linux
    • The main distribution today is Debian GNU/Linux
  • APT4RPM (port of Advanced Packaging Tool to .rpm)
    • It is used with .rpm packages.
    • It is mature.
    • It was first implemented in Conecitva Linux (today Mandriva, old Mandrake)
    • The main distribution today is Mandrive Linux (old Mandrake)
    • Used with .rpm packages
    • It is stable.
    • First implemented in Mandriva (old Mandrake)
    • Currently the only major distribution using urpmi is Mandriva.

Distribution independent Edit

  • autopackage
    • Based on .package files
    • There is a 1.0, and the system is stable and working. Still work needs to be done.
    • Works with any Linux distribution, even without root password.
  • 0install Zero Install
    • It downloads applications directly from the internet the first time they are used, there is no package or file.
    • It is stable and full functional.
    • Works with any Linux distribution as long as you compile your kernel with a patch, even without root password if you have the kernel patch.
  • checkinstall
    • When make install is done, CheckInstall will create a Slackware, RPM or Debian compatible package and install it. You can call it (un)install from source.
    • Works with RPM-based, Deb-based, and Slackware distributions.

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