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Guide Plant Breeding Technician IT


These outlines are provided to help one obtain a conception of the big picture.


Adaptation Project (Maize)
Nurseries & Crossing Blocks
Yield Trials
Seed Production
Misc (any other office activity not directly related to the breeding work such as correspondence and bookkeeping)


Adaptation Project (Maize)
Isolated Populations


Observation/seed increase rows
Yield Trial Plots
Germplasm plots
Crossing material
Observation/seed increase rows
Yield Trial Plots
Germplasm plots
Crossing material
Inbreeding Nursery
Sib Nursery
Crossing Blocks
Isolated field Crossing Blocks
Hand Pollinated Crossing Blocks
Paired Rows
Male Block and females
Bean Nursery
Observation / seed increase rows
Yield Trials
Solid Seeded Upright
Germplasm and Crossing material
Winter nursery/crossing work

Maize Yield Trials (Work Cycle)

Receipt of seed
Field measuring
Planting Plan
(Emergence) /Vigor
Tassel/Silk Notes
Stalk Breakage below ear
Root lodging
Stalk lodging
Plot# to harvest #
Harvest data sheets
Moisture testing
Data entry
Statistical Analysis
Final Report
Seed Production
Generic Seeds Barley Seed Production Field
Maize Foundation Seed Production Fields produced under license
Maize Inbred Seed Production
Hybrid Maize Seed Production


The following is a general list of the products of your post that you will exchange with the company. Products and the work of producing them that can be delegated to another worker will be marked with an asterisk on the right.

  • Seedlists
  • Planting Plans
  • Planter Checksheet Matrices
  • Numbered Stakes*
  • Notebooks
  • Sib Nursery Flags*
  • Tassel Bags*
  • Row Tags*
  • Harvest Data
  • Yield Trial Reports
  • Inventories and Labels
  • Maize Family Lists
  • New Designations and Abbreviations(Maize Inbreds and Crosses)

A more detailed list of your post products is listed below. Information on how to create these products is explained in later chapters.

Seedlists Edit


  • Inbreeding Nursery Seedlist
  • Sib Nursery Seedlist
  • Names and Locations of adapting Populations being grown in isolation
  • Isolated Crossing Blocks Seedlists (females grouped by male)
  • Hand Pollinations Nursery Seedlist
  • Yield Trial Seedlist


  • Bean Nursery Seedlist
  • Bean Observation Rows Seedlist
  • Bean Yield Trial (Row type)
  • Bean Yield Trial (Solid Seeded)


  • Barley Headrow Seedlist
  • Triticale Headrow Seedlist
  • Barley Observation/Increase Rows Seedlist
  • Triticale Observation/Increase Rows Seedlist
  • Barley Yield Trial Seedlist
  • Triticale Yield Trial Seedlist
  • Barley Germplasm Seedlist
  • Triticale Germplasm Seedlist
  • Misc. Cereals/small grains Seedlist

Planting Plans Edit


  • Maize Yield Trial Planting Plan
  • Inbreeding Nursery Planting Plan
  • Sib Nursery Planting Plan
  • Planter Box Information for Isolated Populations
  • Isolated Crossing Block Planting Plans
  • Hand Pollination Nursery Planting Plan


  • Bean Nursery Planting Plan
  • Bean Observation/Increase Rows Planting Plan
  • Bean Yield Trial (Rows) Planting Plan
  • Bean Yield Trial (Solid Seeded) Planting Plan


  • Information on Cereal Headrow Planting
  • Information regarding Cereal Observation/Increase rows planting
  • Information regarding Cereal Yield Trial Plots and Cereal Germplasm Plots

Planter Checksheet Matrices Edit

Full Planter Plot # Checksheet Matrices for each field if planted with envelope trays and, if needed, for the pairing of Plot #’s and Harvest #’s in the fall.

Stakes* Edit

Numbered wooden stakes for each field using a SHARPIE Permanent Ink Marker.

Notebooks Edit

  • Maize Inbreeding Nursery and Crossing Blocks (YELLOW)
  • Maize SIB Nursery (Green)
  • Bean Nursery,Observation Rows and Yield Trials (Blue)
  • Cereals (Brown) [Barley and Triticale]
  • Maize Yield Trials (Black)
  • Contact information labels
  • Notebook TITLE labels
  • Table of Contents
  • New Designations and Abbreviations pages
  • Planting Plan
  • 'Days from Planting' page and small copy for inside back cover
  • Formatted pages
  • A few blank pages at the end of the notebook for misc. notes

Sib Nursery Flags* Edit

A vertical arrow written with a black china marker on the appropriate side of a tassel bag which is then stapled around a stalk at or slightly above eye level. Done in the field.

Inbreeding Nursery Tassel Bags* Edit

The day of the month written with a black china marker in the top left or right corner of tassel bags.Done in the field.

Row Tags* Edit

Stiff cardboard (heavy construction paper) tags with row or plot#’s stamped on them or written with a black SHARPIE permanent ink marker and stapled around stalks.

Harvest Data Edit

  • Harvest Data Pages
  • Harvest Tags if required
  • Data collection* and entry to computer

Yield Trial Reports Edit


  • Barley Yield Trial Results
  • Triticale Yield Trial Results


  • Bean Yield Trial Results (Rows)
  • Bean Yield Trial Results (Solid Seeded)


Private Company Maize Yield Trials

  • Cover Letters
  • Observed data, harvest results and averages
  • Statistical Analyses

In-house maize yield trial results

  • In-house Averages
  • In-house Statistical Analyses (ANOVA etc.)
  • In-house sorts of results by various indices

Inventories and Labels Edit


  • Isolated Populations Inventory
  • Inbreeding Nursery Inventory
  • Sib Nursery Inventory
  • Hand Pollination Nursery Inventory
  • Isolated Crossing Blocks Inventories
  • Misc. crosses Inventory
  • New Designations and Abbreviations
  • Family Lists


  • Bean Nursery Inventory
  • Bean Observation/Increase Rows Inventory


  • Barley Headrow Inventory
  • Barley Observation/Increase Rows Inventory
  • Barley Germplasm Inventory
  • Triticale Headrow Inventory
  • Triticale Observation/Increase Rows Inventory
  • Triticale Germplasm Inventory
  • Misc. Cereals Inventory E.g. Wheat

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