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Developing new varieties of maize, beans, and cereals that have agronomic or other traits that are valued by both agricultural producers and end users has been a task that has been performed for millenniums. Farming has relied on seeds bred for higher yield and flavorful crops.

If you are interested in setting up a plant breeding business or organization, this is a guide to help you get started. It should help you get started, with the right equipment, setting up a workspace, techniques for organising your seeds and documenting progress.

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Mr. Cary Fowler gives a TedTalk on the Svalbard Seed Vault in Norway.
This is a classic. The foreword could be quoted for this wiki as it echoes the intentions of this wiki.
However, Mr. Burbank would not be considered a geneticist, the key to his success was trying lots of different things with lots of plants and looking very carefully for differences/mutations.
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Pg. 285 Common Plant Breeding Notations
Pg. 426 MSTAT BR series

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See: IMP's Manual of Discovering
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Designer Genes portion of VISTA's Year in Health Sciences - I would like to see something similar for Plant Breeding
a collection of example videos and webpages for the creation of a realistic plant breeding simulation wrapped in a fantasy RPG.
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