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Furniture glossing and lacquer

Like for any other job be informed about all the safety matters before you do it .

Restoring the finishing in a piece of furniture isn't such a complex job . It includes the following of the steps described next :


- Stripped of the piece :

( take of all paint, lacquer or varnish )

This job can be done by using paint remover or a heat gun .

If paint remover is used clean the rests of the product with thinner .

IMG 0279
- Sanding :

( smooth the surface )

Fix imperfections, use wood putty .

Sand the wood using sandpaper number 50, 80, 120 in that order .

Do this in the wood grain direction, softly, using a plain piece of wood .

- Protect against insects :

Presence of insects can be fixed or prevented .

The furniture can be treated with different products such as formaldehyde, insecticides or other .

- Dye the wood :
IMG 0290

( stain is applied )

Once the surface is smoothed apply stain mixed with diluent, 1liter diluent / 100 cm3 stain .

- Seal the wood :

( applying primer, sealer, etc. )

This help the wood not absorbing to much lacquer andis the "welding" between wood and lacquer .

- Lacquer :

( varnish, finally )

Smooth the surface again, use fine sandpaper number 220

Known also as finishing, the lacquer is applied . Sand between layers, sandpaper n 300.

- Polished :

( smooth and shine )

Once you have painted the piece let it rest for a week .

This task is carried out with machine polishing or an adapted drill and paste polishing (available at hardware stores).

More information at

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