Dressing your dog in clothing is not only fun but it's also functional.

Dog fashions can be fun and exciting! Your dog can look flirty, funky, glamorous or even edgy. Never before have there been so many fun choices when it comes to dressing Fido. With an amazing selection of dog clothing there is certainly something to fit every breed. And, of course every well dressed dog also needs, collars, carriers and beds.

So maybe you don't want to dress man best friend in the latest fashion. Clothing your dog can also be practical. If all you are interested in is keeping your dog warm on chilly days and nights, you certainly will find the perfect sweater, jacket or hoodie. Maybe Fido has tender feet and requires booties when trekking through the snow... Even in very warm climate clothing your dog can be beneficial. Keep in mind that dog life jackets and doggie goggles can be trendy and functional. Have you ever met a dog that didn't like attention? Dressing your dog in clothing is not only functional and fun but it is also a real attention getter. It is an easy way to start conversations and meet new friends.

For those of you with tiny toy dogs, the days of dressing Fido in plain boring attire is long gone. Today's top designers are making trendy, fashionable dog clothes. You can even buy outfits that match your own! Dog clothing comes in all styles and material. Leather, faux fur, collars made with Swarovski crystals and even real diamonds. With the major selection of clothing there is something to suit every dog. These days you can purchase dog clothing for as little as a few dollars and as much as thousands of dollars.

Clothes for Warmth:

Your main objective here is to keep Fido warm, but it is more fun if the coat or hoodie is cute. Available for warmth are: Booties, Scarves, Hoodies, Sweatshirts, Parkas, Leather and Wool Coats, Jean and Fleece Jackets, Cashmere Leg Warmers, and the list goes on and on.

Clothes for Protection:

Like we mentioned before, if your dog likes the beach or swimming in the pool a life jacket is a must have. It's also a good idea for Fido to wear booties when the concrete is either too hot or freezing cold. Protective eyewear is a good idea depending on the conditions you are in.

Clothes for Occasions: Yes, there are wedding dresses and Tuxes for dogs. There are evening gowns, ball gowns, party dresses, bow ties and Halloween costumes.

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