Object: Earth

This namespace is a special part of the Wikhowto project (not an ordinary object page). It is reserved for the game to create and test 'The Comprehensive Survival Manual' - the howtos and guides related (but not restricted) to survival on the planet Earth.

Here is how you can start playing the game with Earth:

  1. Choose (think of) a specific natural environment to play the survival and evolution game (i.e., suppose you are in some natural environment, - something like the woods in the outskirts of your town will also do perfectly). Write down your location below under the section "Locations"
  2. Suppose that you have nothing more than just your bare hands.
  3. Start by simply thinking of ways to survive and evolve in that environment.
    1. If you have some ideas, take a holiday, try go to a country side to try out your ideas in practice.
    2. If that really works, enjoy and celebrate the solution.
    3. After you come back from holiday, describe the solution under your location, and share it with others (let's accumulate this knowledge to be useful in case a real catastrophe on Earth were to happen).
    4. Finally, come back to this place to look what others did.
    5. Make further plans for the next holiday adventure.
TIP: Buy some land - this can make your game even more interesting.


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