Powerful corporations and governments seem to want to control us, individuals. There are rumors that these institutions intend to tag and track people by forcing implants onto individuals. These institutions have powerful weapons at their disposal, and could do it by using force. These institutions will soon have not only army, but also robots on their disposal.

These institutions use money, and control of the supply of goods necessary for survival of individuals (such as food, shelter, means of transportation) to enslave common people to work for them to survive, producing all these powerful weapons and technology.

In this way, we, the people, are selling a rope for governments and large corporations to hang us. In order to stand up against this power, we need to empower us individuals. We not only need to have access to knowledge about misconduct of governments and corporations, such as provided by Wikileaks et al., we need an access to technologies and know-how used by governments and corporations to supply the goods necessary (such as food, shelter, means of transportation) for survival of the common people who were enslaved to work for them, and the know-how to produce all these powerful weapons and military technology.

We need an access to this technology, because we need a defense program to ensure that individuals have free speech online, and so that individuals can say "NO", if the governments require them to have tracking tags implanted.

We need defensive technologies, such as rubber bullets, teargas, pepper spray, safety alarms for every house; rocket interceptors, and anti-helicopter guns for every small community; and so on. We need to work on identifying the means that governments and corporations could potentially take control over individuals, and provide the knowledge necessary to take countermeasures, and defend ourselves against these threats to personal security.

What Wikileaks was about simple, is simply knowledge about misconduct of governments and corporations. We need an alternative for know-how which is kept as trade-secret of governments and corporations.



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