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This page is only kept for historical reference

Guidelines can be applied to the "problem" of any page in HowTo. The main reason to assing a guideline to a page is to define what do you expect from the solution.

What the Guidelines should contain? Edit

Guidelines should have two parts:

  • Fixed: it is used to reflect what cannot be negotiated.
  • Flexible: here are some suggestions that programs should follow in order to comply 100% with the ideal of the guideline.

How to apply a Guideline to a page? Edit

You can apply it in 2 ways:

  • Strict: it means all the solutions must follow the guidelines strictly.
  • Custom: it means solutions must follow all the guidelines in the Fixed part.

Other special ways to apply guideline were created:

  • presentation: used to tell how the solutions are structured in chapters.
  • descriptions: it is used to tell what comments each solution should have.

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